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Carpet Repair and Re-Stretch in Durham, NC

Carpet Repair and Re-Stretch in Durham, NC

If you are tired of seeing carpets bumping, sagging, or having excess material and fabric, you need to have your carpet shrunk and refitted to your floor. Similarly, if your carpet looks a bit too small or too tight, you may need to have it stretched out. When it comes to that, Gonzales Carpet Flooring of Durham is a company that can offer you comprehensive carpet re-stretching services in Durham, NC at very fair prices.

One of the first things that people notice when they walk into a house is the carpet. Think about it – they are stepping on it. It makes sense that it is front and center, and you want to showcase it well. Having a poorly fitting carpet reflects on you: how you upkeep your home, the amount of work you have put into it, and your taste. As a matter of fact, carpets are an investment. They are not cheap so why make them look cheap? Contact our flooring service providers and let him make your carpets look as good as they can; as worth the price as they are.

Along with style and looks, you want your flooring to be fitted and thought for safety hazards. If you have kids or elderly people in the house, it is likely that they will trip and fall on the carpet if there is bunched up excess fabric. Carpet ripping happens when the floor is subjected to a great deal of foot traffic, when you slide around heavy furniture too often, or when the carpet has not been professionally installed.

This might not seem like a major cause for you to be concerned, but in time, it will result in more extensive ripping and in a more expensive repair. If not fixed soon enough, the carpet may need to be replaced completely and you will have to reinvest in a new flooring material altogether.

Carpet stretching is an easy repair task that all our flooring service providers in Durham, NC can perform with precision. What it would entail is not at all difficult. It simply consists of pulling up the ends of the flooring and stretching it until it is taut. Once ready with this step, our technician will cut away excess fabric and put the carpet back in place, securing it taut and tight so that ripples will never appear again.

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