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Carpet Installation Services in Durham, NC

Carpet Installation Services in Durham, NC

Proper, professional flooring installation is crucial to the life and performance of your new carpet. Because of this, it is important to know what to expect during the job. As contractors who have extensive experience in this field and have helped many clients in Durham, NC get quality results, we are ready to help you achieve satisfactory results. But before we come for a consultation, read this page to learn more about our carpet installation services.

As your flooring dealer, we will take care of the basics. We, at Gonzales Carpet Flooring of Durham, will send out an estimator to measure your rooms and determine how to minimize waste to maximize the carpet. We will then assign an installer who is familiar with the carpet installation process and has the necessary experience to give you beautiful results. Speak with him before the installation to determine exactly what he will be responsible for and to set a schedule for the work. We will need to use your electricity to power our tools and an area to work.

We will move the furniture as part of the installation; however, if you feel like you have to do it, we will not mind. If you have any larger items, oversized furniture, or appliances in the room, have them moved too. This will speed up the installation process. Once the work begins, we will be responsible for removing and disposing of your old carpets. We will remove any molding or trim in the room and prepare the subfloor for installation.

At some point, our flooring installation team might need to remove the doors to complete the installation. If the new carpet is thicker, the doors will have to be trimmed before they can be reinstalled. The fact we specialize in other types of flooring and can work with carpentry machines, we can help you with this part of the project, so you do not have to hire third parties. Once we put the carpet in place, we will reinstall your doors.

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This, in short, is our carpet flooring installation process. If you have questions or would like to get a quote for a project, contact Gonzales Carpet Flooring of Durham in Durham, NC at (919) 275-2366. We will be happy to address your concerns and give you an estimate.

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